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Happy 2014!
01/05/14, 01:36:49 pm, Categories: My Lovely Life  


I realize it's been nearly eight months since my last blog post here on Pretty and Poor. A sham! I know. By this time, I've probably lost your attention or you've replaced the Pretty and Poor fix you once longed for with another blog that's not nearly as racy and entertaining as this one. Maybe you're relieved I've finally shut up. If that's the case, I apologize in advance. I'm back with some lofty goals for 2014. But first, an explanation of where I've been.

Happy 2014 From Pretty and Poor

I started this blog in 2008 as an recent college graduate with limited funds and unlimited fashion ambitions. I had a job you might expect a recent college graduate to have and an income to match--yet my yearning for all that's fashionable remained unwavering. Now, nearly six years after my foray into blogging, I've transformed quite a bit. I still have limited funds and unlimited fashion ambitions, (until I'm royalty, this will probably be the case), but my life has definitely done some maturing. Don't worry. I don't have kids. I haven't gotten married. And I haven't invested in any face-altering plastic surgeries. Here's what has changed:

I got a new job doing marketing for the nation's largest mall. Weird. Totally doesn't fit. Horrible idea. Right? (Psych. I love it. It was a very wise change for me.)

I got a dog. This actually happened closer to two years ago now, but in the past year I also decided to foster a dog. Me...caring for things...crazy. (See all the saucy pictures on Instagram.)

I lost a couple very important people. Both my grandfathers--who were integral parts of my upbringing--passed away during a six-month period in 2012. I never expected that to happen in the cadence it did. But this series of events made me pull back on some of my "extracirriculars" and focus a bit more on family.

In 2013, a lot of my effort was spent transitioning to a new job and assimilating to my new role. By the time I even acknowledged I had a blog, my email was full of press releases and broken dreams. I'm kidding about the broken dreams, but that sounded so great and dramatic. Now, in 2014, I'm determined to get my blog going again. I want to give Pretty and Poor a hot new look (MAKEOVER!) that reflects a more mature, grown-up Emily, and I hope that you'll stick around to witness the transformation, as well as read all the insanely cool stuff I share.

Hats off to a saucy and incredibly sassy new year!

Pretty Proclamation
05/09/13, 08:06:46 pm, Categories: Pretty Proclamations  

I've featured quotes from What Not To Wear's Clinton Kelly on my blog before. And that's because he's hilarious. This week, I broke two heels on two different pairs of shoes. I've gone years without breaking heels, so two in one week was borderline traumatic. All this tragedy has only equated to one thing: shoes on the brain. I need to go shoe shopping.

"Sometimes comfort doesn't matter. When a shoe is freakin' fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you're better than everyone else.”

~Clinton Kelly, whose shameless spirit I will be taking to Nordstrom with me this weekend. That is all.

Join Me To Launch the Jaguar F-Type

I am thrilled to be hosting an event in Minneapolis next week at Jaguar Land Rover Minneapolis to formally launch the Jaguar F-Type! Since the F-Type is such a stylish ride, Jaguar partnered with some of the most stylish, women-owned businesses in Minneapolis to create a memorable evening in which fashion meets fast cars.

Jaguar F-Type Launch Invitation

Here's why you should be there:

1) I'll be hosting a fashion show featuring unique and trendy looks from Motto Boutique in Uptown, styled by the fabulous India Rambo

2) Sanctuary, a top pick for savvy dining in downtown Minneapolis, will provide gourmet snacks and treats

3) Alexis Bailly Vineyards will be on hand to keep the wine flowing

And of course, the new Jaguar F-Type will be there to steal the scene and cause a little car envy. Come check out this new Jag, plus other notable rides like the Victoria Beckham designed Range Rover Evoque. There's only five of these Evoques in the U.S. and we've got one right here in Minneapolis.

The whole event goes down on Thursday, April 25 from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. There's no cost to attend, but your RSVP is needed. (C'mon people, it's Jaguar...) Email and tell him you'll be there. Easy.

Want to learn more? Read the press release here. And make sure to check out all the F-Type goodies, including this video featuring Lana Del Rey and the F-Type here.

Wedges Three Ways
04/16/13, 09:00:02 pm, Categories: Fashionable & Fun, Shoes  

The best shoes are the shoes you can wear with everything. Right? Right. That's why when Famous Footwear approached me about styling one pair of Famous Footwear shoes three ways, I was up for the challenge.

Franco Sarto Casey Wedges

My strategy? Pick a current pair of Famous Footwear shoes and show the shoes in three drastically different situations. I wanted to select a pair of shoes that a variety of women could wear––not too high, not too funky, not too age-specific and not too expensive. That's why I picked the Franco Sarto Casey Wedge. This shoe is safe for feminine summer looks that need a little sass. And at under $40, it's a shoe a lot of women can afford to wear. Ready for the result? Read on...

Look 1: Get Dressy
When I saw these shoes, I immediately thought they'd pair well with a floral dress and cardigan. I was right. These are great shoes to throw on with your favorite summer floral dress. They have a little height without being over-the-top. In this particular style, I've kept the delicate floral dress balanced with a heavier belt and bag.

Franco Sarto Casey Wedges from Famous Footwear

Look 2: Cropped and Cool
This look shows how the Franco Sarto Casey Wedges can be worn for a casual day at work or a vacation day full of shopping. These shoes pull out elements of turquoise jewelry––one of my summer favorites––and make it pop. I also love how coral pairs with turquoise. So in this combination, that's exactly what I did. I paired turquoise with coral and finished it off with crisp white. Think about how these wedges might pair with your favorite pair of colorful cropped pants this summer.

Franco Sarto Casey Wedges at Famous Footwear

Look 3: Flaunt Your Stripes
While I would wear any of these three looks, this particular look is most closely aligned with my personal style aesthetic. I love bold colors and patterns that have ladylike flair so I wanted to show these wedges in that sort of style scenario. By introducing two new colors I was able to achieve balance and order while only carrying the turquoise through the outfit in the belt and shoes.

Franco Sarto Casey Wedges from Famous Footwear

Viola! Franco Sarto Casey Wedges styled three ways. Sound off and let me know which look is your favorite. And big thanks to Famous Footwear for presenting me with this awesome challenge.

One Piece Swimsuits You'll Actually WANT to Wear
04/09/13, 04:52:04 pm, Categories: The Swimsuit Edition  

We have approached the time of the year when all I can think about is how skinny I can get before I have to be seen in a swimsuit. Hibernation is a terrible thing. Not only am I feeling a particularly bit curvy, I'm pale. This is the time of the year when I feel like a bowl of mashed potatoes (hello, white and lumpy).

My brother recently started working at a store that sells supplements for "people who are in to that." Last weekend, I stopped by to stock up on fat incinerating drinks that will not only keep me full all day every day, but will enhance my mood and perhaps even keep me up at night. (Their words, not mine.) I estimate that if I stick to a diet of soup, fruit and this deliciously tangy drink, I'll look like Kate Moss by June.

There's really nothing stopping me. Except for an unrealistic schedule and a love for donuts.

And that's why I have a back-up plan. I've already scouted out some of my favorite, super stylish one-piece swimsuits for summer 2013. And just for the record, a lot of one-piece swimsuits are incredibly chic. Here's what I'm feeling.

I love The Madonna by Maio Swim. It has all the sass of a bikini with ample coverage. Perfect for those days when you're still feeling bold, but also feeling less confident than normal. The figure-flattering piping accentuates all the right curves and shows off an hour glass figure. Go totally Hollywood by pairing this with a big ol' black sun hat and cat eye shades.

The Madonna by Maio Swim

Red Carter makes some of the most amazing swimwear around. They always come up with innovative designs that push boundaries. While the Studio 54 swimsuit isn't exactly innovative, it's classic and beautifully designed. Nearly any body type could rock this suit with confidence, and that's why I love it.

Red Carter Studio 54 One Piece

While horizontal strips could be a big no-no, these vertical strips are seriously fab. Normal Kamali finds a way to lengthen the torso and accentuate the figure with her Striped Halter Maillot swimsuit. What's not to love about this modern design with pin-up inspiration?

Norma Kamali Striped One Piece

As you can probably tell by this point in the post, I tend to gravitate toward bold designs in black and white. But, if you're more of a floral fan, this feminine Nanette Lepore Waikiki Belted One-Piece takes best in show. (Full disclosure, I dislike floral swimsuits because a bad floral can severely age oneself in a swimsuit. Florals must be done right. Just like this one.)

Nanette Lepore Waikiki One Piece

If you can't tone it, tan it. And if your tan rubs off (because you should be fake tanning, ladies) then you can at least wrap yourself up in a more conservative one-piece this summer–at least you don't have to forgo style or playfulness in these adorable styles.

Win Louboutins From Shop It To Me Threads
04/08/13, 03:24:57 pm, Categories: Win It!  

Shop It To Me recently launched Shop It To Me Threads, a website you can visit to shop your favorite styles (brands, trends, specific prices, and more) the day they go on sale. Plus, everything’s in your size. It's an easy way to stay chic on a budget.

ShopItToMe Louboutin Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Threads, Shop It To Me is giving away a pair of Louboutins! (And who wouldn't want to win a pair of those?) To register to win the Louboutins, all you have to do is sign-up for Threads. It's easy.

1) Sign up for Shop It To Me Threads

2) Follow @ShopItToMe on Twitter and tweet the following phrase:

Enter to win #Louboutins c/o your free personal shopping assistant @ShopItToMe Threads! Just visit & RT

The contest runs from Monday, April 8th until Friday, April 12th. Good luck, happy shopping and if you win the Loubies, send me a picture!

ShopItToMe Louboutin Giveaway Details
Pretty Proclamation
03/29/13, 09:58:21 am, Categories: Pretty Proclamations  

As women, we sometimes go to great lengths to look good. Some of these lengths are more extreme than others. Yesterday's conversation reminded me of this notion.

"I reached an all time low when I used a plastic fork from Wendy's to backcomb my hair."

~A new friend, who shares my belief that flat, limp hair is never really a fashion do. We recently met at an event and shared stories about the things we do to look good.

So, can anybody top this?

Furfectly Fabulous
02/22/13, 01:57:00 pm, Categories: What I'm Wearing Today!  

Yesterday I was determined to look chic despite the frigid temperatures and gloomy skies. Here's my look.

A furfectly fabulous February look

Shoes, Cole Haan Slipper Pumps | Coat, Vintage wool and fox | Scarf, Fendi | Pants, Gap


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